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Stemming from the in-depth research conducted by Dr. Kuma Iddamallena, it is evident that there are seven steps to becoming an Extra Ordinary Leader. Kuma Iddamallena, the pioneer who introduced the personality training workshop model concept in Sri Lanka three decades ago, is now focused. Right brain Leadership Vs Left brain Leadership. Basics of counseling and coaching skills. How to build rapport as a leader and get bonded with trust with followers. Why people resist change and how to effect change in any person by enhancing higher conscious levels of the human brain.

Training on smart People Handling Skills as against blame focused behaviour, unnecessary pressurizing which causes stress in the minds of the subordinates. Finally how to motivate the staff to get your company ready to win the challenges of this decade. A unique program created especially for businessmen — Business Victory. Log in using your account on. Table of contents 1.

Business networking tips and techniques for networking events and networking websites 2. Quick tips summary 4. Ten essential principles 4. Networking planner example 5. Networking checklist 6. Network and networking definitions - other pointers 6.


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Types of networking situations, events and methods 7. A good network is created, and networking succeeds, by the application of hard work. A network without the work produces nothing worthwhile. Quick tips summary Here are ten of the most important principles for effective business networking. These tips apply broadly to any sort of business networking - face-to-face, organized events, business social networking websites, etc: Ten essential principles 1. Elevator speech. Be different. Differentiate yourself. Aim high. Be best at something. Help others. Personal integrity.

Relevant targeting. Plans and aims. Follow up. Be positive. Sustained focused effort. Life balance. Shoulders back. Speak with confidence. Sincerity and passion are crucial in making a strong early impression. Do not ask "Have you heard of us..? There is little value in mentioning a tiny village if you are at a global gathering, or your global coverage if you are at a local town gathering.

Make this relevant to the situation. Be meaningful for the event or situation or group, and as far as you can guess, be meaningful for the contact. Express what you offer in terms of positive outcomes for those you help or supply, rather than focusing on technical details from your own viewpoint.

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Load your statements here with special benefits or qualities. Be positive, proud and ambitious in your thinking and expression of what you do. Conferences Conferences are full of people with common interests.

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Coffee breaks are an ideal time to make introductions. Exhibitions Exhibitions are obviously full of business people with a common interest. Most exhibitions rightly do not like visitors to canvass the exhibitors, but there are plenty of other situations to meet people and network. Seminars Seminars attract business people of all sorts.


World of Synergy | Inclusive Leadership | Conference Experience

Again there are usually coffee breaks which are ideal for making introductions and getting to know people. Training courses Open training courses are excellent for meeting other business people. Many will encourage informal networking among delegates because this adds value to the quality of the event; certain types of training bring people together in work teams, making it extremely easy to get to know all attendees very well.

Chambers of Trade or Commerce All towns have at least one 'chamber of commerce', specifically to bring local business-people together. Breakfast networking clubs Several companies run regular breakfast networking clubs as their primary business. Other companies will run one-off events to connect with the local business community. These purpose-designed events obviously provide a good opportunity to engage with other business people.

Business networking websites Since the development of interactive website technology in the late s there are increasing numbers of online business networking organizations. Each has its own culture and systems. Some are vast, covering all types of business imaginable, for example linkedin. Others are industry or trade specific, and some are geographically focused.

All can be found quickly and easily by searching the web. Website forums Website forums exist for every subject you can think of. Each offers a networking opportunity for the subject matter concerned. Website user groups User groups are a further variation of groups found online.


User groups are typically within the websites of major internet corporations such as Google and Yahoo. Many user groups are highly specialised, and by implication, internet networking is second-nature to most of these people. Professional body websites Every profession and trade is represented and connected by at least one official body, which tends to act on behalf of its members, and also offers various opportunities for outsiders to get involved and make helpful connections. Interactive special interest websites Networking has been made much easier with the advent of interactive membership websites.

When you have identified your target groups, there will be a specialist membership website somewhere which represents and brings them together. Community social websites Facebook is the obvious example. Some of these websites and memberships are vast. Bigger than countries. This is because of the social aspect, which might initially be appealing, but making a business impact can be very challenging due to the scale of these operations. New internet platforms like these can grow from nothing to be hugely popular social connection systems in just a few months.


Business people can use them to good effect if approached in a very dedicated and technically informed way. Otherwise they can become big time-wasters, so beware. Local networking events Anyone can set up a networking event, so you can find isolated or more permanent networking operations cropping up at a town near you. Speed networking events Speed networking is a highly structured type of networking event, in which an organizer there are several, of varying type and quality coordinates quick introductions among a group of typically between people.